Started in Chicago in January 2017, AudPod is a passion project featuring performers, composers, educators, and other members of the music community. After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, AudPod has restarted with a broader scope to include people outside of Chicago.

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Albuquerque-based shoegaze guitarist David Castillo (aka SOMNILOQUIST) talks about their songwriting process, their relationship to visual aesthetics, and their upcoming split release with fellow ABQ act ōverwhelm

Song included in this episode is “Dead Willow”

SOMNILOQUIST IG: @somnillawafer

ōverwhelm IG: @overwhelmnm

Ep53: Royal Sessions  

Audrey visits and talks with the artists of Royal Sessions, who have been jamming together every week for the past month or so in a socially-distant, outdoor setting in Jackson Park. 

Instagram: @colliersworld

Facebook: Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few


Intro music by Audrey Q. Snyder & Mike Craig

Ep52: ~Nois   

The bois of ~Nois are back on the pod to deliver some exciting news! Join Hunter Bockes, János Csontos, Jordan Lulloff, and Brandon Quarles as they discuss a recent project they're finally ready to unveil.

IG: @noissaxophone

Twitter: @Noissaxophone


Music by Audrey Q. Snyder & Mike Craig

Ep51: H A L E Collective  

Katie Wood talks about the recently-formed collective's goal of providing information, connection and perspective amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they hope to create something long-lasting that can address and facilitate more discussion of pre-existing issues that have come to the fore as a result of the crisis.


IG: @halecollective

Music by Audrey Q. Snyder & Mike Craig