Check out the video of Kirsten Vollness's "Rabbit in the Moon," performed in December 2019 at Constellation by Myra Hinrichs (violin), Rebecca Boelzner (viola), Shi-An Costello (piano), and me! The video art behind the performers was created and projected by XUAN, and the footage and audio of this performance was recorded and produced by Mark Alletag of Aphorism Studios.

The goal of New Music//New Film Collaborative was to create new musical works and pair them with amazing video art. Mary Kouyoumdjian, David Clay Mettens, Daniel Pesca, Leaha Maria Villarreal, and Kirsten Volness each wrote a piece including or featuring cello, and those pieces became the basis for a series of five videos created by XUAN. As we have released videos for each of these pieces, some of the vids have included only visuals produced by XUAN, and some have been footage (and audio) of live performances of the works (which include projected visuals by XUAN) from our December show at Constellation in Chicago.


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